4 Reasons Forums Are Better Than Blogs

I know some bloggers might think I’m crazy for saying this, but I have
to tell you, after much research and observation I finally came to a
conclusion that yes ‘Forums are better than Blogs’ Below are the
following reasons..

1. Niche Specification:
This is one the major Advantages of a Forum over a Blog. Forum do not specify on a particular niche, any member can come up with any kind of post and decide to post in on your Forum, unlike Blogging you have to be Blogging about a specific Niche it’s either you specify on Tech Blogging or you blog on any other Niche.
You have to be specific in Blogging!

2. Members:
Forums allows you to have registered members who can come back to your
site for the latest updates, Meanwhile on a Blog You only have people who
read your Blog post and comment, though they would come back for more tips but
it’s not compared to that of a Forum!

3. Less work::
In a forum as an admin you can just assign a friend of yours or an
active/Devoted member to be a Moderator who helps you remove spammers,
Approve posts, updated the forum etc even other member share what they
have, which keeps your Forum updated often(what Google Loves) and a
better SEO advantage. Mean while in Blogging you’re the only person
doing the whole thing! Updating, Approving comments, Commenting on other blogs. The List goes on and on!

4. Socialization:
Forums are far better when it comes to socializing. Member can send message to each other for Help or anything, They can also Add their selves on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks!. On the other hand A Blog isn’t really a place for socializing. I’m not saying you can’t socialize on a Blog but guys c’mon you still can’t compare it to that of a Forum!

I hope after giving you all this reasons you won’t shy away from blogging.

Happy Blogging!!!

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