How I Get 500 to 1000 Hints Daily To my 4 Weeks Old Blog

Hey there, I know you must really wanna get a piece of my post title :D, well I’m not gonna take much of your time, I’ll just go straight to the point.

I have to tell you this tutorial isn’t Adsense friendly, so if you have a Google Adsense I’ll advice you not to try it, but if you don’t then join the train!

1. sign Up Here

2. Now login to your account then click on the ‘Add site or Page’ Button, view the Screen shot

3. Now select Website Hits, then complete the fields with your site’s details(Image below)

Now when you’re done with Step 1 we move to step 2

Now here’s where the real work starts before you can start getting Hints to your Blog you first have to get points you can get free points and you can also buy points, well I’ll show you how to get free points.

1. Step 1. Goto the homepage of the site then click on free points.

2. select the category where you want to get your free points, It could be Liking other people’s Facebook fanpage Or just Following People etc depends on what suits you best.

3. After you might have gotten enough points lets say 1000, we now goto where your Blog is by clicking the “My site” Button

4. Now locate your blog then click on the edit button(Image below)

Now you select your CPC.
Note: The lower your CPC the Higer hints you get!

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