How To Add Related Post Widget To Blogger

As you may have noticed most if not all Blogs have the related post widget.  Even if he blogs on the Blogger or WordPress platform. Having a related post widget for your blog helps keeps readers longer on your blog it also reduces your blog’s bounce rate and a higher page view.  Without wasting much […]

How To Leave Some Annoying FaceBook Group You were Invited To

For quite some time now I’ve been invited into some Facebook Groups by my friends, tho I like most of those groups but some are quite annoying. I know I am not the only one facing this problem, and since the sole aim of this Blog is to provide solution to problems I’m sharing this […]

How To Change The ‘No Comment’ Tag in Blogger

Here’s a simple tutorial that allows you to change/customize the‘No Comment’  tag in Blogger to any word or phrase of your choice! But before we you start any editing I will advice you to Back Up your Template incase of any Mistake! Now let’s proceed Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> then click […]

Blogger vs WordPress(Part 1)

There is always a debate on this matter. Which is better? WordPress or Blogger? The question is still unknown because WordPress blogs are increasing likewise Blogger blogs. Both are top platforms and are developing and advancing each day… WordPress fixes their bugs in every new version and blogger adds new features occasionally. Sometime ago WordPress was updated to version 3.5 and this […]

Blogger vs WordPress (Part 2)

In my previous Post I talked about Blogger Vs WordPress (part 1) which I stated the advantages of Blogging on the blogger platform! well in this post I will also be stating the advantages on Blogging on the WordPress platform. It’s not like I own a Blog on the WordPress platform but I’m planning on […]

How To Play Angry Birds On your Chrome Browser

Out of boredom I had nothing to do so I started goofing around my Chrome browser, Then I came across something interesting ‘Angry Birds’ wow! I was shocked I never knew I could do something besides surfing the internet on my Chrome browser at the time of writing this post the ‘Angry Birds’ game is […]

4 Reasons You Should Have a Domain Name for your Blog

Hey there seems like you just created a Blog on the Blogger or wordpress platform then I guess you should get a domain name for your blog. I know you’d be like ‘Do I really need a domain name?’ oh yes you do mate! I’ll just give you some Basic reasons why you need a […]