4 Reasons You Should Have a Domain Name for your Blog

Hey there seems like you just created a Blog on the Blogger or wordpress platform then I guess you should get a domain name for your blog. I know you’d be like ‘Do I really need a domain name?’ oh yes you do mate! I’ll just give you some Basic reasons why you need a Domain name for your Blog!

1. Identification:
Getting a domain name for your blog gives it an identity, the initially sub-domain for this Blog is www.getinformed4real.blogspot.com but after some time I decided to give my blog an identity so I decided to get a domain for it which is Yunggenius.com.

2. Monetization:
Did you know that most advertising companies accept/respond to Blogs faster with a custom Domain?? Now you do, so for a better chance to get Approved by some advertising companies it will be a wise to get a Domain name.

3. Popularity:
Most popular Blog or Forums are only popular these days simply because they have a domain name. So all I am saying is that getting a domain name for your Blog give it more light.

4. Reputation in Blogosphere

Blogs with .com or a custom domain are naturally respected more than blogs with sub domains such as .Blogspot.com. Link exchange with niche blogs or expanding your blogging circle is only possible when you join the .com club
Its feels really great when you tell a friend of yours that your Blog url is xyz.com 😀

Getting a domain name is much more than the reasons stated above it goes beyond that. But I hope after you’ve read these tips you might consider getting a Top-Level Domain for your Blog!
Happy Blogging!

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