How To Leave Some Annoying FaceBook Group You were Invited To

For quite some time now I’ve been invited into some Facebook Groups by my friends, tho I like most of those groups but some are quite annoying. I know I am not the only one facing this problem, and since the sole aim of this Blog is to provide solution to problems I’m sharing this simple tip on how you can easily leave some/any Facebook group!

When you login to Facebook you look at the to left to your browser and you see 100 notification and you’re like ‘Ugh whats up with this guys!’ well I here to put and end to it.

Here’s What I do

1. Login to Facebook, look at the Middle left of your browser.

Now Click the Group that’s a pain in the neck :D!

2. Now locate this button below the Group’s logo

Click on it. It will bring out a drop down menu, Just select Leave Group

Thats it You are now free from those annoying notifications! happy Facebooking!

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