How To Play Angry Birds On your Chrome Browser

Out of boredom I had nothing to do so I started goofing around my Chrome browser, Then I came across something interesting ‘Angry Birds’ wow! I was shocked I never knew I could do something besides surfing the internet on my Chrome browser at the time of writing this post the ‘Angry Birds’ game is processing. (As shown in the Image below)

Straight to the point: How Can I play Angry Birds On my Chrome Browser?

Step 1: Type on your address bar. Then navigate your cursor to the Web store then click on ‘Apps’

Step 2: Wait a little, while your browsers loads the next page. Finish loading?? now click on ‘Visit Chrome Web Store’

Step 3: Now type the key-word ‘Angry Birds’ in the search box at the left side of your Browser.

You’ll see a couple of Angry Birds apps, but just click on the first one(Recommended) because it’s the official Google Chrome Angry Birds App

Now as seen as the image above mine is currently displaying ‘Rate It’ instead of ‘Add to Chrome’ well that’s because I already have the app installed on my browser! :D anyway it should display ‘Add To Chrome’ on Your browser if the app isn’t installed yet! then all you have to do is wait for some minute for the App to install! Done?? ok click on ‘Lunch App’ wait for the app to finish loading Here’s how it would look like

Thats all ‘Angry Birds’ Has been fully installed into your Chrome Browser!
Que:How can I open Angry Birds if I close my Browser?:
Ans: Open a new tab on your browser and type on your address bar!

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Happy Gaming!

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