How to Add Static Facebook Like Box for your Blogger Blog

Facebook has become an incredible way to increase traffic to ones blog, but there are things you have to do to keep those traffic coming and also turning first time visitors to subscribers. this widget i’m about to share is one that will help turn those first time visitors to loyal readers! Advantages of this […]

What Are Premium Domains? A-Z Guide!

I was goofing around the web lately(what else do I do? ) and I stumbled upon a super cool web host, I don’t host with them tho.  Any way I tried searching for a domain name and then I came across ‘Premium domains‘. I was shocked! Why? well because those domains are freaking expensive! Gosh, I thought to my self […]

5+ Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills!

Effective writing skills are to a writer what oxygen is to human. Like breathing, without solid writing skills, it’s going to be very hard for writers to move forward. But note that these skills do not come overnight. I started blogging late last year but I never wrote any article of my own not until […]

Tecno n7 Review (Specs and Features)

A friend of mine(BabaNature of OnenaijaBlog) recently got the Tecno n7 android powered gadget, I was forced to make a review on this android powered gadget. Now if you’re an android freak like most people out there then I think you might just wanna take a quick peek on the Tecno n7 specs and features. […]

9 Must-have Apps for your Android Device

Hey there fellas, how’re you’all doing? Are you an Android users?(obviously) I recently posted 5+ Must have Android Games! boy those games are awesome! But anyway I consider these apps what every Android device owner should have because I personally use them: While some of them are utilities to increase productivity, others are simply for fun. I used […]

Tips and Tricks for Building HTML Email

If you are planning to promote your business online and bit confused that which marketing technique will work for this purpose then you can take the help of HTML so that you can increase the effect of that particular advertisement.Whenever you are going to opt for this kind of marketing technique, your whole web page […]