What Are Premium Domains? A-Z Guide!

I was goofing around the web lately(what else do I do? :D ) and I stumbled upon arvixe.com a super cool web host, I don’t host with them tho.  Any way I tried searching for a domain name and then I came across ‘Premium domains‘.

I was shocked! Why? well because those domains are freaking expensive! Gosh, I thought to my self ‘What’s so special about these domains‘.

I didn’t have to do much thinking I went straight to Google  😀 (who doesn’t?). And did a little research about premium domains and their values. And guess what? Well obviously I found some interesting stuffs. Which I’m going to share with you. But before we proceed what do you know about premium domains?? kindly share your own opinion via the comment box ;)


Values Of Premium Domains!

1. Remarkable Value

The remarkable value of a domain in the domain market place will have a lot to do with whether a domain name is considered premium or not. As a general rule of thumb if a domain name is for sale (and has bids) for more than $1,000 then there is a good chance that it is a premium domain name.

This is not a hard and fast rule of course but just a rough guidelines. Yes, yes, maybe the really particular folks will say that a truly premium domain name will sell for a minimum of $10,000 or $50,000 or what have you but generally speaking the $1,000 mark is a a good place to start.

2. Memorable

The more memorable domains name are the more it is worth. If a domain is easy to spell, is short, is easy to pronounce, is potentially brand able, doesn’t have different variations on the way it could be spelled, and ends in .com then chances are you are looking at a premium domain name.

3. Generic

If domains name is an exact match keyword only domain name (i.e. bloggingtips.com is an exact match keyword only domain for the generic keyword phrase “blogging tips” while online-bloggingtips.com is not). Use our type in traffic finder tool and our keyword domain repository to find only domain names that are exact match keyword only domains.

4. Commercial Intent

The more commercially oriented a domain name is then the more valuable it will be. For example, a decent domain name in the “mortgage” niche may be more valuable than a decent domain name in the “rosebushes” niche.

5. History

A domain name’s history plays an important role in helping to determine it is a premium domain name or not. The longer a domain name has been registered then generally speaking the more valuable it is.

This is especially true for those who are interested in developing the domain name by adding a website and marketing the website as the age of a domain is an important ranking factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Final Words

Well what can i say, premium domains are quite off the hook, I don’t know about you but I might consider getting a premium domain latter this year. Hey there, what did I miss? c’mon man there has to be something you can add :D . Yup I know there is kindy use the comment box to share with us your own point of view of premium domains :D .

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