Must Have Social Sharing WP Plugins(Boost Your Traffic)

Well WordPress has become one of the most popular Blogging platform in this blogosphere! I started off my blogging journey with the Free Blogger Blog by google, but as I grew older in this blogging world I decided to take my blogging career a step further by moving to WordPress!

In today’s article I’ll be listing some really cool social sharing plugins you need to have on your blog. First of all you might ask your self, why would I want to have any of this plugins on my blog? Well I have a very Good reason why you should, TRAFFIC.

If you really want to increase your blog’s traffic then you might consider getting at least two (2) of this plugins. And in-case you didn’t know Even the busiest people are still finding time to hang out on social networks, so we bloggers ought to utilize the availability of such users to drive traffic to our blog.

There are many plugins available for WordPress to add social share buttons to your blog which should help you and your blog readers share the contents of blog on social networks.

Must Have Social Sharing Plugins

1. !Share: Best Free Social Share Plugin

With !Share plugin by Cunjo you can design your own Social Floating Bar and/or Attention Grabber Bar. This plugin also include inline share buttons that can be placed above or under your blog content.



This plugin is super cool, it allows you to change/select where and how your want your share buttons to be placed! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be sure to get this plugin for my blog ASAP

2. Simplified Social Sharing

Simple as it may seem but this plugin is pretty useful in increasing your blog traffic. Have you heard about viral traffic? Just place these buttons wherever you think your blog readers are most engaged with your content & increase your traffic virtually in no time. Use it to believe it.

simplified-social-sharing plugin

well this sharing plugin is also amazing! It has quite a few interesting options/positioning which if well utilized will yield incredible results!

3. WP Social Share Plugin

Social Networks are very popular now a days and great source to get readers for your blog. WP Social Share Plugin Helps you and your users to share blog posts directly from your blog to social network sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. This version of WP Social Share plugin supports following social networks . . .

wp-social-sharing plugin

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin
  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • reddit
  • Evernote

This social sharing plugin is also a must have!

4. Page/Post Specific Social Share Buttons

This plugin allows you to display most used social media share buttons on specific posts or pages.

Usage: Enable/disable the social media buttons from the page/post editing pages.:

pagepost-specific-social-sharing plugin

This plugin is just simply amazing, it gives you The ability to control the position of the social media buttons to be displayed on the posts or pages, The ability to display/hide social media buttons on specific posts or pages.

Over To You!

These are the four social sharing plugin I would recommend to you anytime and anywhere! Like I said ‘I’ would recommend any of these plugins to you. Now which one would you recommend to me? :D I’m eagerly awaiting your contributions!

Happy Blogging

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