Blogging Strike Ended! What Really Happend

It’s one of those things you face in Life, one of those things that sets you back, one of those things that makes you want to Give Up, but it’s also one of those things that makes you know how strong you really are. 5 Months ago went offline (not literally). I left my blog (Unintentionally) unattended for  over 5 Good months! Damn, I never saw that coming. So what happened? why was this Blog kept in the dark for so long? Well you’re about to find out.


I Was conducting my normal research on growing my blog, I was reading, writing, socializing etc. Just what every wanna-be pro-blogger does or at least I think they do. Until it happened. . . .my Laptop’s Power Pack got burnt, it was one of the most devastating moment of my Blogging Career, I know most of you might be wondering, Hey why didn’t you just get a new one? Well unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing that hindered my blogging career.

like that wasn’t enough, Few days after that the flat just above my flat caught FIRE! Boy it looked like the devil wanted to stop my from blogging by all means! By God’s grace and Mercy He provided a new abode for my family and I. Long story short. I wasn’t able to further my blogging career due to some other issues I wouldn’t want to bore you with :) .

BUT, GOD in His infinite Mercy Blessed Me With another Laptop, A better, faster and amazing one at that!. I just want to use this opportunity to encourage anyone facing any form of difficulties out there, don’t Give Up, God will meet you at the point of your needs. :D

I know this story might not be as detailed as it should be (for My Curious Pals), But it was All that happened in SUMMARY.

2013 opened my eyes to a lot of things, 2013 was the year I developed the desire to Blog, 2013 was filled with ups and down for me I lost basically all my rankings. But I can see how Bright 2014 is, and I can say some Bloggers are too. But we still have a few days left in this year, that means a few days to set out plan(s) on how GREAT you want your Blog to be in 2014.

Over To You!

I don’t know what set backs you faced in 2013, but I faced a Whole lot (Trust me you don’t wanna know :) ), But here and now is a perfect place to share/pour them out! For those of us who had a PERFECT Year, we’d be grateful to know how fulfilling 2013 was for you. awaiting your 2013 Experiences Via the comment box! And oh Happy NEW YEAR.

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