Why Do I Blog?

In a few weeks this Blog YUNGGENIUS.COM will be a year old! yaaay! we’re gonna party!! :D LOOL. it hasn’t been the easiest of Journey for us but we’re still holding on tight!. ever since I started blogging I never stopped asking myself  ‘WHY DO I BLOG?’ was it for the money? the fame? the stress? for fun? out of passion? I still can’t really say, Blogging is an amazing thing….. but it takes only the DETERMINED to scale through.


Before we proceed lets take a little trip down memory lane shall we….. a long long time ago (well not too long tho) :)

It was a sunny friday afternoon, I was pretty exited ’cause I was going to get a Top level domain name for my blog, I just got back from school, changed my clothes and head straight to the Bank to make payment.

Got back home and started working on pointing my domain name to my blog (back when I was blogging on the Blogger.com Platform). that was one hell of a work.

few months later I moved to WordPress…. like I said on my very first article on WP….. WordPress is simply amazing In My Opinion tho some people might disapprove…..

I applied for Adsense and got disapproved, I asked two of my highly respected bloggers Nwangene Theodore And BabaNature for help and tips on getting approved by Google and they gladly helped me….

few weeks later I applied for Adsense after changing my theme and writing good stuffs and Bam! I got approved!

I kept on Blogging until I took an Unintentional Blogging Strike. That strike almost ruined My Blogging career.. Hopefully I’ve resumed Blogging and I plan on Staying.

So why they boring story above? well that was how I ended up in this thing called Blogging…. and I am not planning to giving up!

My few months without Blogging thought me lots of things… while I was preparing a come back to the blogosphere…. I could stop asking myself ‘Why Are You Blogging Really?’ why do you go through sleepless night, the back-ace, the stress, and every thing that comes with Blogging??? That was what lead me to writing this article.

So folks I’m still yet to give my self an answer on The reason of which i blog…. some people might think I’m crazy, that’s totally OK….. But before you judge me I hope you know why you Blog…. ’cause if you don’t then you’re as crazy as I am! hahahaha lool

I started this blog with a high hope of MAKING MILLIONS OVER NIGHT……sadly that has not happened YET…… but I think it’s the thought of FAILING that drives me, so in other words…… I WILL MAKE MILLIONS BLOGGING :D hehehehe sounds crazy huh?yea I know.

I hope I was able to pass a message across with this article. So please Indulge me by sharing your experiences.


So, Why Do I Blog? well this question goes out to ever blogger out there…… there must be something that keeps you going? Well, I’d like to really know what that is….. please lets discuss kindly Share and/or Contribute to this article guys! I’m egarly awating your responses! Thank you and Have a nice day!

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