3 Fundamental Things You Should Not Do As A Blogger!

As a Blogger their are some things you shouldn’t venture into, Being a
Blogger is not just by owning a Blog, No Way it goes beyond that you
have to be commited, Devoted and Passionate about what you do!
Below are Three things that trust my paper experts recommend you should not attempt as a Blogger.

1.You Should Not Spam:
Yup, you heard me right ‘Spamming’. Most Bloggers/Site owners think that the
only way they can get visitors to their Blog or site is by Spamming,
tho this works but it’s not a good thing! Why? I’m sure you must have
heard this phrase ‘What Goes Comes around!’ what I am trying to say is that when
your blog begins to gain credibility all you will be getting are spam
comments! Which will lower your rankings!

2.You Should Not Be Lazy:
Many people think blogging is about posting some tutorials and expect some angels to take it to Google’s First page Hell no!. This unfortunately is not true. Even if you have great content you will need to work your ass off getting people to visit your blog and read it.

3. You Should Not Be Another Blogger:
This is so common among many bloggers nowadays. They no longer want to be themselves, they now want to be one popular blogger they know. It is like using the “fake it till you make it” strategy. Will it work over the long term? No. So keep it real.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tips you just Read?

Happy Blogging!!

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