How to Add Static Facebook Like Box for your Blogger Blog

Facebook has become an incredible way to increase traffic to ones blog, but there are things you have to do to keep those traffic coming and also turning first time visitors to subscribers. this widget i’m about to share is one that will help turn those first time visitors to loyal readers! Advantages of this […]

5+ Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills!

Effective writing skills are to a writer what oxygen is to human. Like breathing, without solid writing skills, it’s going to be very hard for writers to move forward. But note that these skills do not come overnight. I started blogging late last year but I never wrote any article of my own not until […]

Blogger vs WordPress (Part 2)

In my previous Post I talked about Blogger Vs WordPress (part 1) which I stated the advantages of Blogging on the blogger platform! well in this post I will also be stating the advantages on Blogging on the WordPress platform. It’s not like I own a Blog on the WordPress platform but I’m planning on […]

How I Get 500 to 1000 Hints Daily To my 4 Weeks Old Blog

Hey there, I know you must really wanna get a piece of my post title :D, well I’m not gonna take much of your time, I’ll just go straight to the point. I have to tell you this tutorial isn’t Adsense friendly, so if you have a Google Adsense I’ll advice you not to try […]