3 Fundamental Things You Should Not Do As A Blogger!

As a Blogger their are some things you shouldn’t venture into, Being a Blogger is not just by owning a Blog, No Way it goes beyond that you have to be commited, Devoted and Passionate about what you do! Below are Three things that trust my paper experts recommend you should not attempt as a […]

Why Do I Blog?

In a few weeks this Blog YUNGGENIUS.COM will be a year old! yaaay! we’re gonna party!! LOOL. it hasn’t been the easiest of Journey for us but we’re still holding on tight!. ever since I started blogging I never stopped asking myself  ‘WHY DO I BLOG?’ was it for the money? the fame? the stress? […]

Yunggenius.com Blogging Strike Ended! What Really Happend

It’s one of those things you face in Life, one of those things that sets you back, one of those things that makes you want to Give Up, but it’s also one of those things that makes you know how strong you really are. 5 Months ago Yunggenius.com went offline (not literally). I left my […]

Must Have Social Sharing WP Plugins(Boost Your Traffic)

Well WordPress has become one of the most popular Blogging platform in this blogosphere! I started off my blogging journey with the Free Blogger Blog by google, but as I grew older in this blogging world I decided to take my blogging career a step further by moving to WordPress! In today’s article I’ll be […]

What Are Premium Domains? A-Z Guide!

I was goofing around the web lately(what else do I do? ) and I stumbled upon arvixe.com a super cool web host, I don’t host with them tho.  Any way I tried searching for a domain name and then I came across ‘Premium domains‘. I was shocked! Why? well because those domains are freaking expensive! Gosh, I thought to my self […]

5+ Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills!

Effective writing skills are to a writer what oxygen is to human. Like breathing, without solid writing skills, it’s going to be very hard for writers to move forward. But note that these skills do not come overnight. I started blogging late last year but I never wrote any article of my own not until […]

Tips and Tricks for Building HTML Email

If you are planning to promote your business online and bit confused that which marketing technique will work for this purpose then you can take the help of HTML so that you can increase the effect of that particular advertisement.Whenever you are going to opt for this kind of marketing technique, your whole web page […]

How To Add Related Post Widget To Blogger

As you may have noticed most if not all Blogs have the related post widget.  Even if he blogs on the Blogger or WordPress platform. Having a related post widget for your blog helps keeps readers longer on your blog it also reduces your blog’s bounce rate and a higher page view.  Without wasting much […]

How To Change The ‘No Comment’ Tag in Blogger

Here’s a simple tutorial that allows you to change/customize the‘No Comment’  tag in Blogger to any word or phrase of your choice! But before we you start any editing I will advice you to Back Up your Template incase of any Mistake! Now let’s proceed Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> then click […]

Blogger vs WordPress(Part 1)

There is always a debate on this matter. Which is better? WordPress or Blogger? The question is still unknown because WordPress blogs are increasing likewise Blogger blogs. Both are top platforms and are developing and advancing each day… WordPress fixes their bugs in every new version and blogger adds new features occasionally. Sometime ago WordPress was updated to version 3.5 and this […]