3 Fundamental Things You Should Not Do As A Blogger!

As a Blogger their are some things you shouldn’t venture into, Being a Blogger is not just by owning a Blog, No Way it goes beyond that you have to be commited, Devoted and Passionate about what you do! Below are Three things that trust my paper experts recommend you should not attempt as a […]

4 Reasons You Should Have a Domain Name for your Blog

Hey there seems like you just created a Blog on the Blogger or wordpress platform then I guess you should get a domain name for your blog. I know you’d be like ‘Do I really need a domain name?’ oh yes you do mate! I’ll just give you some Basic reasons why you need a […]

4 Reasons Forums Are Better Than Blogs

I know some bloggers might think I’m crazy for saying this, but I have to tell you, after much research and observation I finally came to a conclusion that yes ‘Forums are better than Blogs’ Below are the following reasons.. 1. Niche Specification: This is one the major Advantages of a Forum over a Blog. […]

How I Get 500 to 1000 Hints Daily To my 4 Weeks Old Blog

Hey there, I know you must really wanna get a piece of my post title :D, well I’m not gonna take much of your time, I’ll just go straight to the point. I have to tell you this tutorial isn’t Adsense friendly, so if you have a Google Adsense I’ll advice you not to try […]