Tecno n7 Review (Specs and Features)

A friend of mine(BabaNature of OnenaijaBlog) recently got the Tecno n7 android powered gadget, I was forced to make a review on this android powered gadget. Now if you’re an android freak like most people out there then I think you might just wanna take a quick peek on the Tecno n7 specs and features. […]

9 Must-have Apps for your Android Device

Hey there fellas, how’re you’all doing? Are you an Android users?(obviously) I recently posted 5+ Must have Android Games! boy those games are awesome! But anyway I consider these apps what every Android device owner should have because I personally use them: While some of them are utilities to increase productivity, others are simply for fun. I used […]

The New HTC One Specs And Features

I was goofing around the Internet and I decided to stop by the HTC website to check out their latest smartphone. And i saw a couple of phones but I loved the “HTC One” boy this is one crazy smartphone. If you’re a HTC freak (Like me) then You’ll be dreaming about getting this phone by the […]